Kontio Log House is Fire & Earthquake Safe

Our Buildings Are Engineered To Ensure Your Safety


Kontio WoodHow™ is a sign of safety and reliability. At Kontio, we have a team of skilled engineers, each with more than 10 years of experience in designing log houses for various parts of the world. Using their expertise, we design structures according to Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance, which ensures that our houses comply with strict European standards.


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Fire Safe

Kontio log structures have been tested against fire and have high fire resistance classification values. The classification system is governed by international testing methods and standards.

Although timber is a combustible material, in construction it performs well against fire. The good fire resistance feature of logs comes from the nature of the material: the natural humidity in wood protects it from ignition. Before the wood can ignite, the humidity must be evaporated. And in cases of fire, the burnt surface and charring of the wood actually slows down the spread of the fire.

Kontio log houses have resistance to fire values of up to REI 90, with R up to 120.

Earthquake Safe

Kontio log houses are an ideal choice for seismically active areas. Log houses exhibit superior seismic endurance and the elastic nature of wood, combined with horizontal log construction, makes them the safest choice in tremor prone areas. For decades, customers from seismically active regions such as Japan, Central Asia and Southern Europe have relied on Kontio’s engineering expertise and log construction technology to provide safe housing in challenging areas.


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