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The online service may use cookie files and other similar technologies (such as local storage and session storage) to save information in your terminal device. Information saved in your terminal device may be utilised for both statistical and marketing purposes. However, as a user, you are entitled to limit the monitoring or disallow it entirely – except for the saving of the cookies and information necessary for the functionality of the online service.

The cookies have been sorted into the following categories:

Necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary for the functionality, security and user-friendliness of the website. These cookies are related to, for example, fonts, language selection and screen scaling. These cookies are activated automatically and they cannot be disabled.

Statistical cookies
They record anonymous data about how the site is used; for example, how many people visit our site and which the most popular contents are. At the same time, we get information about our service’s performance for maintenance purposes. We do not record or utilise the information of individual persons, but instead, we always examine statistical compiled data, such as the reading times of websites. This helps us know where our development work should focus on. We use the Google Analytics software to monitor the use of our online services.

Advertising and personalisation cookies
These cookies use the services and functionalities provided by third parties. The third parties are external service providers that may install cookies into a browser and use the cookies installed for their own purposes, according to their own practices. Some of the cookies may also be used for targeting marketing and communications in third party services – such as, Google, Facebook and other social media channels.

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