Nurmijärvi Show House Area

There is a lot to see on the biggest log show house area in Finland. By seeing various styles and sizes of Finnish holiday house models, you can get the a good idea of Kontio products and quality.

Welcome to visit us!

Location and Opening Hours

Hämeenlinnantie 139
01900 Nurmijärvi

Open hours
Mon–Thu 11–18
Sundays 12–15

Welcome to Nurmijärvi and the Show House Area of the biggest log house manufacturer in the world!

Models on the show house area

Glass house, 50 m2

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Salomaa A, 45+12=57 m2

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Iso-Lehtisaari, 103 m2

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Nalle 30 A, 30 m2
Inkeroinen, 35 m2

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Lepistö A, 67 m2
Käpylä D, 20 m2

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Saarni, 7,5 m2
Marketta, 9,5 m2

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