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Kontio began in the early 1970s as a small local sawmill. Since then Kontio has grown to become the industry pioneer, developing the knowhow and new technologies needed for massive wooden buildings. Over 40 years, Kontio has delivered more than 50 000 log buildings. And today, Kontio is the world’s leading log house company – we’re the largest both in terms of sales and production. 

Kontio’s full company name is Kontiotuote Oy. The owners, the Sydänmetsä family, have a long-term strategy to develop Kontio and invest systematically in Kontio to develop our state-of-the-art products, technology and processes. 

Kontiotuote Oy has a very strong financial position and we have been awarded The Strongest in Finland and the Achiever certificates, which reflect the financial reliability and strength of our company.


Key figures for Kontiotuote Oy, 2022 
Net turnover 95,3 EUR million
Operating profit 5,3 EUR million
Personnel 244


See Kontio's Declaration of Performance


CE marking
Kontio log houses are manufactured according to the European technical approval (ETA-05/0119), which enables CE marking.
PEFC certificate
We only use PEFC-certified and controlled wood. It is a sign of sustainable forest management.
AAA credit rating
Kontiotuote Oy has been awarded the highest AAA® credit rating (Dun & Bradstreet 5/2023).
Bisnode lowest credit risk category
Kontio's lowest credit risk category is a guarantee of the quality and stability of the business.
Strongest in Finland platinum certificate
Kontio has been granted Strongest in Finland: platinum certificate (Asiakastieto) from the credit rating.
Finnish Rinki brand
The Finnish Rinki brand communicates the company's responsibility and taking care of the producer responsibility of the packaging.

The Roots of Kontio

Our company name, Kontio, comes from the Finnish word for bear. In Finnish folklore the bear is regarded as the strongest animal and it’s known as the King of Forest, commanding great respect from people.

Like the bear, Kontio has its roots deep in the natural forests of the north, close to the Arctic Circle. During the cold winters warm and durable log houses have been essential for survival. Here in Finland, log houses are a tradition that is thousands of years old.

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