Kontio to supply the logs for the Monio multi-functional space in Tuusula

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Monio is a multi-functional space being developed by the municipality of Tuusula. The building complex will be the home of the upper secondary school, two adult education centres and the facilities for basic education in the arts. The design expertise and logs for this extensive educational institution project will be supplied by Kontio. Lujatalo will be in charge of construction. The contract amount of the project is approximately EUR 22 million.


Pictures: Aarti Ollila Ristola Architects

The unique characteristics of the high-class and ambitious architectural project include a hybrid frame and log walls, which will be the most visible element of the building. The building’s load-bearing structure will consist of concrete elements, glulam pillars, steel beams and wooden CLT panels. The wall structure to be installed around the hybrid frame will be made of the non-settling SmartLog product.

“Kontio has been preparing for Tuusula's Monio multi-functional space for several years. We have carried out considerable research to familiarise ourselves in the project and made our expertise available to a number of parties in the project. The agreement signed with Lujatalo on the delivery of the logs for the project is a very important step for Kontio. The building will be a giant in the log building sector, and working with Lujatalo’s professionals is an amazing opportunity for us to make our entire expertise portfolio available to Tuusula residents,” says Hanna Haipus, Kontio’s B2B Business Director.

“The design of the new learning environment and cultural venue is based on the winner of an architectural contest and represents world-famous Finnish architecture. Wood construction will strengthen Tuusula’s famous wood construction tradition and support the principle of curbing climate change in our municipality. The building will be the living room of all Tuusula residents”, says Mikko Simpanen, Director of Real Estate Services at the municipality of Tuusula.

“Monio will be a versatile centre for education, culture, expertise and performance as well as a hub that brings people together. It will be a combination of a new learning environment of several user groups and a cultural venue serving all Tuusula residents. Centralising the services in one location improves the quality and accessibility of the services, increase Tuusula’s appeal as a provider of cultural activities as well as improve the effectiveness of the use of space. Monio will set in motion the renewal of learning environments in Tuusula’s service network,” Simpanen adds.

Construction will begin in the summer of 2021 and the project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2023.

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