Building your dream in Switzerland

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Living in the Valais region in Switzerland means living in a well-preserved environment, surrounded by high mountain tops, close to mountain lakes, and enjoying clean air throughout the year.

“Living in such exceptional circumstances, people have the right to exceptional homes. Kontio’s wooden cottages and houses are environmentally friendly. They are entirely part of the local heritage, as they adapt perfectly to both plains and slopes”, explains Michel Martignoni, the architect and founder of Ma Maison Bois, Kontio’s Swiss reseller.

This exceptional log house in Valais was delivered by Kontio. The company specialises in the construction of modern wooden homes that merge Swiss know-how with Finnish building technology.

Martignoni fell for the charm of wooden houses more than 20 years ago. “When we build and live in solid wood houses, a whole philosophy goes with it. The material is a living being, and the many advantages it offers must be preserved”.

Kontio draws on its rich experience to deliver high-quality houses that comply with environmental standards. The dream of building your own wooden house is now within easy reach.

Modern design homes

The aesthetics of wooden homes is not limited to the traditional cottage. When creating a Kontio house, the design architecture and modern finishes guide the architectural approach. For this project, Martignoni adapted to the circumstances without compromising on aesthetics.

Just as Kontio building technology facilitates the creative gesture thanks to its ease of use, the company strives to maintain the properties of the wood by focussing on the essential. The character of the house is revealed as it is built, once the logs, the smooth facades, and the interior wooden planks with very fine joints have found their place. The range of possibilities is wide: Kontio’s non-settling log, Kontio SmartLog™, goes well with all types of material–steel, stone, glass, or varnished surfaces–and all colours. Customisability is key!

This house in Valais brings out the excellent properties of the wood without using any solvents, paint, tapestry, or facade decorations that would prevent the material from “breathing”. The wood thus expresses its essence and sensuality while also respecting the environment.

A healthy and comfortable home

In addition to its aesthetic possibilities, wood meets 21st-century expectations for comfort and wellbeing. Choosing a Kontio wooden house means choosing to live a healthy life in harmony with nature. Less stress, more comfort.

The charm of a wooden house works its magic from the moment you move in. It is easy to relax and re-energise, even when living in a busy urban environment. The natural and fibrous structure of Kontio ArcticPine™ material gains and loses humidity depending on how the temperature and humidity of the ambient air varies, thereby maintaining the ideal moisture balance inside the house. This property ensures remarkable air quality that reduces allergies, risk of respiratory illnesses, asthma, exhaustion, and headaches.

Enjoying natural light in the living space is also essential. The windows and carpentry are designed according to the principles of bioclimatism, taking into account the orientation of the building in order to optimise exposure to sunlight. The design goes even further today. In order to limit exposure to radiation, the electric grid is built in such a way that the sleeping quarters can be disconnected from all electric and electromagnetic flow with just the flick of a switch.

“It has been proven that living in a wooden house is an ideal antidote to modern stress. We also create a protective cocoon, allowing you to recover, relax, and enjoy the calm”, says Martignoni.

This is not to mention the incomparable, sweet and restorative scent of the wood itself, which soothes both the body and the soul.

The spirit of the times

Designing and building a solid wood home requires careful attention to the site and its environment. Houses built according to the Kontio procedure meet this rigorous standard. The wood used comes from forests that are managed sustainably. The amount of wood used has bound an average of 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide while growing, which is the first ecologically-friendly aspect of the process. Whether they are passive or low-energy, these houses use solutions that are adapted for each situation in order to meet energy targets. Wooden houses are functional, but also durable. Certain constructions withstand the test of time excellently, and become part of the heritage of the surrounding area. Living in a wooden house also means having the pleasure of taking a “forest bath” at home, perfectly content and in step with the spirit of the times.

Kontio has specialised in solid wood construction since the mid-1970s, and creates environmentally sustainable architecture that meets the ecological challenges of the 21st century. Kontio’s success is based on the convergence of proven Finnish building technology, beautiful wooden design, healthy building materials and absolute respect for the environment.

This house in Valais was built by Ma Maison Bois, Kontio’s reseller in Switzerland.

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