A contemporary house, but not of concrete

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Kristof and Yaelle are a neurosurgeon couple who wanted to build a contemporary and healthy house in Valais, Switzerland. They chose Kontio Log House as the manufacturer because of Kontio's unsettling SmartLog™.

No more asthma and allergy attacks

My wife and I work in the medical field. When our construction project started to take shape, it was clear that we wanted a contemporary home but no concrete constructions. The options we were left with were brick and wood. In the mountain region where wood takes precedence over the rest, our choice of building materials was obvious.

We had a lot of preconceived ideas about log constructions which we associated with cottages; perfect for holidays but not for living in. However, two of my colleagues had already had their house built in wood by Kontio Log Houses. We visited their houses and came back delighted! Everything was possible with Kontio Log Houses and their modern log selection!

Every Kontio log is made with Kontio Arctic Pine™ as the raw material. As an asthmatic, I was pleased to hear that Kontio’s laminated logs are moisture permeable, meaning that they “breathe moisture”, which is important for healthy living and durability.

Our house was built with Kontio SmartLog™, their innovative new non-settling log which enables modern massive log architecture. Because the SmartLog™ logs do not settle as they dry, unlike regular massive logs, it gave us and our architect more flexibility in our designs, with the ability to combine building materials and include elements like plainer detailing and simplified corner joints. What advocated our motivation to choose Kontio and their log house, was the fact that SmartLog™ technology is also ideal for constructing low energy buildings, and it is especially well suited to individually designed and modern-style homes.

End of asthma and allergy attacks

I am asthmatic and allergic. As soon as we moved in in October 2016, my condition improved significantly. I used to have 4 or 5 asthma attacks a week and now they are all gone! I haven’t been able to stop the medications, but the additional attacks have all disappeared. I breathe better!

Desire to take care of us

Our quality of life has improved significantly. We live much more in contact with nature, so we wish to take better care of ourselves. Food waste is composted and used in the garden. We have acquired some hens and we are almost self-sufficient with food. Our Kontio log house is a true airlock of serenity which counterbalances urban life. If we had to do it again, we would build with Kontio Log Houses!

Restorative sleep

In our new home, we sleep better, and sleep is much more restorative. Leaving the city for the countryside may be one reason. On the other hand, living close to fields usually enhances allergies. But I have none here! Solid wood is the main factor in this improvement. It has a positive impact on blood pressure and pulse.


Our solid wood house brings about a complete change of lifestyle. The massive logs even out temperature variations, so you can also adjust the temperature downwards without feeling cold. We lowered the temperature of 2°C in the living space and stopped heating the upstairs. Further, the lovely smell, the atmosphere and the concept all contribute to creating a soothing environment. You can sense it immediately. When our guests enter here, without exception, the first thing they do is to touch the walls. The walls are covered with a fine coat of stain leaving the wood grain visible – and to be enjoyed visually.

Living in continuity with nature

We live in our home as if we were outside, immersed in the landscape. The continuity is amazing. It does not feel like entering a house as there are no boundaries between indoors and outdoors. All movement is part of this continuity and it gives a feeling of effortless flow and easy-going life style. This very pretty place, our home, operates as an amplifier of the outdoors.

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