Kivilahti — A Chic Scandinavian Log House

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The family Kettunen's home is for resting, a lovely oasis of peace. The family is away on work a lot, so when they are at home, they love to enjoy themselves.

In the Kivistö area of Vantaa, South Finland, stands a brilliant dark log house, whose interior was inspired by the luxurious Copperhill villa in the Åreskuta mountain.

The 177-squaremeter Kontio house Kivilahti is already the third house in the area for family Kettunen, but only their first log house. All the elements the family has dreamed about come to life in this house.

“A log house had been our longstanding dream which we finally got a chance to realize. It is a little more expensive to build than an element woodhouse, but it certainly keeps its value over the years as well”, says Kirsi Kettunen. “Building houses has been a hobby of ours. I come from the Finnish Ostrobotnia area and I am a true Northern woman; I like to manage projects, be in control and be the conductor of the orchestra”.

The house is impressive both inside and out. Kontio’s Creative Manger, Olavi Kujanen, has worked as a technical architect on the project. Even though Kontio has a vast selection of colors, the colors and materials of this house were courageously designed by Kirsi herself. The exterior color, Diotrol Agva Natural Oil, is Kirsi’s own creation and was tested multiple times to get it just right. The interior of the house is not white either, as the logs are treated with an oil by the same manufacturer, the shade also created by Kirsi.

The downstairs is divided into a large and spacious living room, kitchen, dining area, bathing area and an office/guestroom. Sofas and armchairs divide the living room into a tv and fireplace area.

The upstairs has three bedrooms and a bathroom. The family has a lot of relatives over, so there are two guestrooms available if needed. Dining, too, is possible both inside and outside for larger groups.

The living room has an entrance to the terrace that is glazed by X-Glass Ltd. The bathing area offers an access to a private, covered pool where the water is kept at an optimal temperature of 33 degrees using geothermal heating. The family enjoys the luxury of having peace and privacy in the backyard and a dense coniferous forest right next to their own spa-area even though the house is located in the metropolitan area.

The dining area seats eight people on slip-covered dining chairs around a gorgeous table. The light fixture is a Bauhaus light onto which Kirsi designed a candelabrum. Kirsi’s father Taisto Tattari has lathed the candelabrum in a metal workshop.
A dark grey shade is repeated both in the windows and kitchen furniture
A dark grey tile floor suits the stylish grey kitchen. Black fridge and freezer complete the smart appearance.
The armchairs in the living room offer more places to sit. One can sit in the armchair and admire the view in the backyard.
The kitchen island consists of a normal height counter with a Blanco composite sink and black tap, a stove and a gorgeous cooker hood as well as an integrated dishwasher placed at an ergonomic height. A playful metal grid, bought directly from a smith at a housing fair, dangles above the island. On it one can have frying pans, cutting boards and measuring spoons at hand.

Inspiration for the interior decoration from a mountain hotel

All the fixed furniture in the house match the dark brown logs well. Inspiration for the interior decoration was sought from a mountain hotel. The same elements, impressive light fixtures, shiny textiles, voluptuous furniture and broken, earthy colors are present in this home, too.

Inside, the supporting logs have been left visible and used to create an impressive style and a chalet- like atmosphere.

Olavi Kujanen suggested two sets of colors for the fixed furniture of the house, light upstairs and dark downstairs. The idea works very well. The whole of the downstairs is tiled with a large dark grey tile and upstairs has carpeting covering the entire floor. 

“We are away on work a lot, so when we are at home, we just enjoy ourselves. Home is for resting, a lovely oasis of peace. We also have a lot of guests and relatives over and we enjoy hosting them, and we enjoy the fact that we get to share life’s joys with friends in wonderful surroundings”, says Kirsi.

There is a half-wall between the kitchen and dining room, so that the possible mess from cooking cannot be seen from the dining room. The cupboard in the wall has wine glasses, candles, napkins and other accessories to set the table.

Kivilahti A, 2 floors

Gross Living Area
176,5 m2
Gross Area
156 m2
Kontio Kivilahti facade
When you come home, the first thing you see is the spacious hall and the stairs leading upstairs. The space under the stairs is utilized as storage.
The living room opens up all the way to the ceiling. The upstairs rail and open structure of the ceiling add to the feel of a mountain villa. The whole carpet upstairs was a fulfillment of a long-term dream.
In most of the master bedroom’s walls the log surfaces are left untouched. The room is made luxurious with a light beige whole carpeting, velvet cushions and a mohair throw.
Inspiration to the interior décor came from a mountain hotel
Unlike downstairs, the cupboards in the bedrooms upstairs are of white coffee shade.
The upstairs bathroom is furnished with Kontio Living range of a white coffee shade. Scented candles and cosmetics by Balmuir.
The bare log wall in the sauna creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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