Copperhill Villa - A Luxurious Ski Resort

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The luxurious ambience of the villa is created with genuine natural materials and a dark color scheme.

Location: Åreskut, Sweden

The Arctic log of Kontio was selected as building material for a luxury villa in Åreskut, Sweden. Log’s wellbeing-enhancing qualities and calming effects on the body and mind are an important part of the villa, and it offers the international stars a perfect place to rest and spend relaxed leisure time in.

A Norwegian interior designer created a dark interior to accompany the Finnish architecture. The wooden surfaces were treated with a translucent finish and the fireplace was covered with local stone. Natural materials are counterweighted by a touch of different metals, and the living room crown has large glass luminaires.

The villa, which is linked to a luxury hotel, can be rented for a large group of people, as it can accommodate up to 30 people.

The Copperhill Villa is located in Sweden, near Åre Ski Resort.

This unique combination is born out of elegant solid wood architecture and the ambience of a luxury ski resort. Kontio's Arctic Pine combined with other genuine materials creates a timeless, elegant and individual solution, impossible to recreate using any other building materials. The Copperhill Villa is an excellent example of a successful collaboration between the architect and the customer.

The atmosphere of a mountain manor is born from dark colors and natural materials.
The premeditated style continues through the spa and the gym.

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