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Kontio Product Solutions

Log is a timeless material, which enables you to choose your own interior design style. When you have found your dream design, it is time to focus on the products that we offer to make your dream come true. From Kontio Log collection and Kontio Living™ products, you can find options for Your design desires. With the help of your local Kontio expert, you can find your design solutions from Kontio collections, for example:

• Log type, size and style

• Style of surface materials in ceilings, accent walls, floors etc.

• Style and material choices for windows and doors

• Style and material choices for interior stairs

• Roofing material

• Kitchen design, fixtures

• Exterior railing design

• Colour cheme for the bulding - both interiors & exteriors

Technical Solutions

Local Kontio expert supports you in making the important technical decisions as well as provides or connects you with professionals that provide important local engineering services, like:

• Technical aspect of log type choice

• Local foundation engineering

• HVAC & electricity systems and engineering

Log House Building Services

Building a Kontio log house is easy!

Experienced Kontio structural engineers design the structures individually for your house based on the climate and characteristics of your area. The Health and safety of your home is our priority.

Your local Kontio Experts supports and advises you in many practical questions, for example:
• Obtaining a building permit in your area
• Arranges transporation and import customs clearance on your behalf
• Providing construction services in varying scopes, from kit delivery to turn key service

The actual building phase will be usually carried out by your local Kontio expert and his/her network. By using the services of certified Kontio experts, you can be sure that the building process is managed professionally and efficiently!

Building of an industrially manufactured log house is faster than many other building methods, and construction works can be carried out also during winter. Kontio Factory located in Northern Finland, is the largest and most modern log house factory in the world. This means, that components to your houses are dmensionally accurate, which minimizes the construction time.

Soon, it is time to move in to your healthy and beautiful Kontio house!

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