Kontio's values and ethical guidelines



- create sustainable log dreams for our customers

- build a sustainable future together

- work professionally with a positive attitude

- operate openly and reliably

- value each other


Kontio's values have been drawn up together with the entire personnel. They serve as a guideline in the daily work of every Kontio employee. We consider it important that we also share these values with our customers and partners.
The obligations of a responsible company are based not only on laws and regulations, but also on high ethics and sustainable development. In its operations, Kontio complies with the company's Code of Conduct, which, together with the values, describes Kontio's operating culture and operating methods.


Kontio's Code of Conduct Kontio's Sustainability Report 2022


Vision and mission

Kontio is deservedly the world's largest and leading log house manufacturer. As the only one in the industry, we produce the entire process from the very beginning, from the logs to the finished building. In 45 years, we have produced more than 50,000 log buildings around the world and built strong expertise and vision in the field of log construction. Our wood expertise, i.e. Woodhow™ in Kontio, is a guarantee of expertise and quality. Our service attitude, vision for the future and willingness to develop products have ensured satisfied Kontio customers, whom we want to cherish in the future.

Kontio's experience and vision produce an experience, i.e. a style of living

At Kontio, we believe that we are all individuals. Therefore, internalizing each person's own lifestyle is our duty and creating homes that fit it is our passion. We live this out every day by combining our experiences and insights for your benefit.

Our experience is the people we meet. From different generations. We also experience the rise of homes around Finland, around the world. Our experience stems from doing things from start to finish; When the logs are selected and refined for a new life, your life. Our experience is a guarantee of quality that we can proudly give.

Our experience comes from history, the future from our views. It comes from our curious attitude and open-minded experimentation. It comes from the exploration that is being done today to the styles of living tomorrow. It grows from being a pioneer, having the courage to trust ourselves and wanting to give more.

We do all this with pride in the Finnish country and the tops boldly in the clouds. Our goal is to create homes that reflect your style of living.


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