Kontio homes create a feeling of comfort and reassuring warmth

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Yoann Gerboud, an architect and agency manager of G. Architecture, city of Belley in France shares his opinion of Kontio and Kontio’s log houses.


User wellbeing

Kontio products are of very high quality and provide a feeling of comfort and warm, reassuring cocoon effect. Naturally this comes from the virtue of wood, but the quality of the finish and assembly are also important to wellbeing. They have a direct effect on our daily lives by offering everyday comfort.

For each of our projects, I encourage my customers to reduce the amount of living space in favour of a better quality of finish. Architecture, above all, is about being sensitive to users’ expectations. This is possible thanks to the family business side of Kontio, where relationships are based on mutual trust.


A need for ecological sensitivity

I place a very high importance on ecology and prefer to build in solid wood. The environmental issue is essential! With a diplomatic touch, it is possible to encourage people to build smaller and better. Kontio has all the necessary assets for that: sustainable forestry with Arctic pine grown in the forests of northern Finland, an environmentally-friendly production line, a recyclable natural material, and more. However, one weak point is transportation.

For a long time I preferred timber frame to planks. I currently use Kontio timber, which contains nothing but wood and binds CO2 from the atmosphere. This way more carbon dioxide is stored, the timber industry continues to thrive, and greater environmental benefits are achieved. I am currently working on a small, self-sustaining house model, proposed in two different systems: one in Kontio log and the other in straw.


Bioclimatic housing

I like this quote from the architect Le Corbusier: “The current architecture deals with a house, an ordinary and common house for normal and common people. It forgets palaces. That is a sign of the times.” The collaboration with Kontio may offer the possibility to suggest high-class housing to people with non-palatial budgets. I have an ongoing project of bioclimatic houses as an alternative to developers of traditional concrete houses for individual constructions. It is an eco-village of 17 houses near the town of Belley in eastern France. We are establishing partnerships with local carpenters there.


Adapted to contemporary architecture

I had several preconceived ideas about log constructions. With Kontio, I have been enchanted by the evolution into the current pure style and contemporary architecture.


Urban potential

Effective implementation and reduced construction time are two advantages which may enable other building projects based on solid wood in urban areas. Why not carry out projects involving increasing the height of existing houses, or building small collectives or equipment? All this could be done by drawing on Kontio’s strengths: industrial efficiency, committed cost-effectiveness, respect for deadlines, and guaranteed high quality.


Yoann Gerboud

Architect and Agency Manager of G. Architecture, Belley, eastern France



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