Kontio SmartLog™ takes its first bold steps in ­­­Belgium

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In a world of brick and gloomy concrete buildings, it’s time for some fresh air. Kontio’s SmartLog™ building material was presented at the Batibouw construction, renovation and home development fair in Brussels, Belgium from 23 February to 3 March 2019.


After a few months, Kontio’s SmartLog™ has been selected from over 70 construction products on the market that are based on ecological awareness and circular economics. This put Kontio in the ideal position for this innovative product to be showcased at the largest building fair in Belgium.

Our strategy of inviting architects and builders to special events to show them the value of the Kontio’s SmartLog™ product is paying off handsomely. This unique building material only needs a proper introduction – its superior quality takes care of the rest. With SmartLog™, we are breaking with the traditional way of building with bricks. Since the Kontio SmartLog™ is settling-free, the exterior can be finished with brick to create a bridge between tradition and innovation.

Batibouw is Belgium’s biggest trade construction, renovation and home improvement fair for professionals and the general public.


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SmartLog provides new possibilities and benefits for contemporary architecture.
Kontio SmartLog is available in different sizes

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