A Finnish Log House in a Slovak Style

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Location: Dom Lomnica, Slovakia

This house in Dom Lomnica, Tatra Slovakia, was a long term dream. Now, after working together with architect Lydia Janikova, the owner’s vision is a reality, down to the very last detail. The house is situated in the village Veľká Lomnica, between the cities of Kezmarok and Poprad, in the picturesque surroundings of Tatra Mountains. “Previously, we were living in a city flat together with my family. We suddenly feel a great freedom and relief thanks to the spaciousness and uniqueness of this building.”

An unique architect designed house in the Tatra Mountains.

In harmony with nature

Even from a distance the design is impressive, and the beautiful look of the Finnish pine structure helps create the overall feeling. The house includes many fascinating details, and the combination of the wooden structure with glass and stone elements, and Slovak nature, creates a truly unique appearance that still fits perfectly into the local environment. “We wake up in the morning and we can see deer grazing outside”, the owners say enthusiastically.

Impressive but cosy

The house is just as impressive on the inside. It’s oriented to the southwest with a huge 10 m glass wall framing a panorama of the Tatra Mountains and the surrounding countryside. The glass brings in plenty sunlight and includes a door, which leads to a terrace overlooking the same view.

The ground floor has an open common area which integrates the living room and kitchen with the separated staircase. One of the highlights in the kitchen area is a massive dining table with beautiful leather chairs. And the cosy atmosphere in the common room is completed with comfortable seating and romantic LED lights in the shape of water drops. Upstairs there is a master bedroom with an idyllic view, as well as a children’s room with a pirate theme. The overall construction is calm and harmonious, and creates romantic areas within the house.

Wood therapy

Throughout the whole house, there is an unmistakable aroma of wood. Together with the daily view of the Tatra Mountains, the look, feel and fragrance of the wood brought the owners vitality and inspiration as soon as they moved in. “We fell in love with living in a log house right away, and one reason is the smell of the wood and great quality of the air”.

Modern wood construction for low energy use

Log houses have excellent thermal properties, and with good sealing, they keep the air temperature and humidity at its optimum, often without needing any additional insulation. However, with the building in Veľká Lomnica, the owners also installed installed certified wood-fibre insulation to add to their energy savings. They also installed several modern appliances and technologies, including heat recovery and solar panels, which are controlled by an intelligent home control system that can display daily and average, energy usage and trends.

The house also has a very nice fireplace, but this is mostly used to create a pleasant atmosphere rather than for heating.

Protecting and taking care of wood

The exterior wood has also been treated with oil. This included pigments to add an attractive colour and also to protect against UV colouration. Maintaining the exterior walls of house like this is simple, and it is enough to wash off the dirt and then wax the surface at intervals of between 4 to 8 years, depending on the orientation of individual walls. For interior walls the first treatment is enough to protect the wood for many years to come.

In the architect’s words

Ing. Arch. Lydia Janikova:

“This building is extraordinary in the sense that it was created from massive glued prisms, which are also used for traditional wooden houses. Although it is a typical sandwich-type of a building, in this case the outer lining is exchanged for a façade, which together with the wood-fibre insulation gives great thermal insulation features. Thanks to this, the house is suitable for all-year-round living. The original interior also brings added value, and it combines various materials to create a totally different effect from a traditional house, while at the same time maintaining the character of a wooden building. The location of this log house is on the east side of the largest golf course in Slovakia, and it gives the owners spectacular views of the Tatra Mountains, making it truly exclusive.”

Companies participated on the building

  • Main architect: Ing. Arch. Lydia Janikova, INLINE s.r.o.
  • House: KONTIO, GAMO CONSULTING spol. s.r.o., www.kontio.sk
  • Realization and assembly: EWH, ENERGY WOODEN HOUSE s.r.o., www.ewh.sk
  • Wood protection: A.L.K. EXPORT-IMPORT TRADE spol s.r.o., www.alk.sk
  • Leather sofas and seats: MSJ WORLD COOPERATION spol. s.r.o., www.msj.sk

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