A City Retreat in Poland

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Have you ever dreamt of a having a peaceful retreat in the middle of a hectic, concrete, urban jungle? Our clients, a young family with two sons, built their own safe haven in a suburban area full of concrete houses.


Why did this family choose to buy a log house? 

The answer is simple. They used to live in the heart of the forest, enjoying the relaxing nature. However, life has its everyday challenges, and a move to the city was necessary in order to combine the professional life and dedicating enough time also for the family. It was clear, that long commutes to the office were not the best way to spend free time.


A spacious, open area on the ground floor with wide open windows overlooking the garden was a must have for this family.

Eventually, the family managed to find a good compromise in buying a plot of land in the city and investing in a log house from a well-known and reliable factory. The local Kontio Experts in Poland “Domy z Finlandii” had the privilege of helping this family in their lifestyle change. By choosing a Kontio log house, this family was able to bring the natural wooden element to the urban environment, and they were able to hold on to their precious connection to nature.

Design inspired by Scandinavia

Inside, the whole house was painted white, and the navy accent colour was used just to emphasize contrast in some interiors. You can feel the Scandinavian mood and minimalistic character, with spices from the Polish culture as well. 


The master bedroom with sauna, jacuzzi and a terrace is like an icing on the cake.

This building is not just a house. This is where one can feel home and close to nature - with all the amenities of living in the city.

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