Kontio — The best holiday destination all year round

Finnish Arctic Pine is a naturally warm and soothing material, which has a positive impact on mental well-being. Research shows that nature, and natural elements and materials reduce stress, create positive energy and enhance sleep quality. Solid wood creates its own tranquil atmosphere, which can’t be achieved with other building materials.
research show that nature and natural elements:

Enhance sleep quality

Relieve and reduce stress

Create positive energy
Finnish arctic pine is a naturally warm and soothing material

A Kontio Chalet adapts to the life of its occupant

Functional and tested structures will guarantee you and your family a durable, high-quality, and energy-efficient holiday and residential home year-round. The durability of Arctic Pine and our innovative solutions guarantee long-lasting structures and are developed to endure even the toughest climate conditions. Kontio homes are made of solid wood and do not have any layered structures, where humidity and condensation might occur in extreme temperatures and variable weather conditions. You can safely lower the heating of a solid wood home when it’s not in use, which will reduce your energy costs and the general cost of living at your holiday home.

Finnish brand Kontio is a good and ecological investment, which will even bring joy to future generations.

Kontio Holiday homes are designed to be comfortable and energy efficient

Kontio — Architecture for wellbeing

The large windows in Kontio wood houses give the log home a modern and Scandinavian new look. The view and the landscape outside become a part of your home and put you in centre stage of nature's continuous display. The changes in weather, the time of day, bright sunlight and the last rays of the evening sun are an ever changing modern and of course Scandinavian part of your interior.

Kontio log houses are modern and timeless in architectural style and will adapt to any surrounding. In our selection you will find holiday homes that can be built by the water, by golf clubs, and as chalets in alpine destinations. We will easily adapt our models according to their use, the building location, as well as your and your family’s needs.

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