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Kontio has built a reputation as a leader in the log house industry as we supply our quality product to clients, builders and architects, resulting in our involvement in over 40.000 projects throughout the world. Our location in Finland along the Arctic Circle means easy access to the most sought after Arctic Pines on the planet, as well as ease of transportation to your site.

Kontio offers free initial design consultation to any architect, developer or investor, and has an in-house design team who can adapt and modify any plans or create any custom project for you. We also have a complete network of architects, builders, contractors and distributors across 20 countries in the world to assist with your build.

Kontio's ability to seamlessly blend its technical performance heritage with polished design and architecture is broadening the company's clients base every year, and Kontio resale value is outrageously strong. And that's how we gain the confidence of customers and investors every year.

Log house designs can be very flexible, ranging from classic mountain chalets to modern buildings with glass walls. And our SmartLog™ product is specifically engineered to allow various materials to be combined with ease.  

We are masters of designing and constructing wooden buildings for different uses, in a range of styles and sizes. For example, we offer wooden buildings for:

  • Ecotourism and holiday resorts for beaches, skiing, golf, fishing, hunting, horse riding, nature experiences…
  • Boutique hotels
  • Schools, kindergartens and other public buildings – the largest so far is a 10 000 m2 wooden school campus
  • Offices, restaurants and other commercial buildings
  • Wooden churches
  • Residential buildings
  • Holiday homes and ski chalets
  • Garden houses, small cabins, carports
  • Country villages

Take a look at some Kontio project references here.

The desire to live in a log house is a gesture towards creating a cosy environment in which living values are preserved.

A Log House, A Way Of Life

“The desire to live in a log house is a gesture towards creating a cosy environment in which living values are preserved. It’s part of a harmonious and healthy lifestyle in contact with nature, with strong values and life principles that promote health and wellbeing, such as sport, healthy nutrition and a balanced life.

How do you preserve all the positive effects of natural wood in a construction? This is where my job as an architect begins. This question was at the heart of my work when I made my home a laboratory where I could implement constructive reflexes in accordance with the properties of massive wood.

The result today is a contemporary and sober architecture without limitation, whose foundations are based on simple gestures and a capacity to focus on the essential.”

Jean Michel Martignoni, Architect, Kontio, Switzerland

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