Log houses for healthy living

Indoor environments have a very important influence on health and wellbeing because people spend about 90% of their time indoors, either at home, at school or at work. That’s why every Kontio house is an example of healthy living. In fact, healthy living and wellbeing is the main focus our research and development work.

Avg. time spent indoors 90%

Kontio log houses are also designed to last. They are made from Arctic pine, which, because of its slow growth, contains a high percentage of heartwood. This heartwood is strong and durable and also has antibacterial properties. Kontio's homes are made from massive, completely natural wood, and our structures are designed to prevent the condensation of moisture, even in variable temperatures and conditions.

Kontio Arctic Pine is responsibly sourced and comes from sustainably managed Finnish forests, where more wood grows than is harvested each year.

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Kontio houses are made of Finnish Arctic Pine™ which, in addition to being beautiful and durable, also has other special properties:

It promotes physical health by
  • creating healthy indoor air
  • effectively balancing indoor heat fluctuations
  • preventing the growth of harmful microbes, fungi and bacteria
  • preventing allergies
  • providing excellent acoustic properties
Finnish arctic pine is a beautiful
and durable building material

Finnish Arctic pine

is ecologically sound and
  • An environmentally friendly, 100% renewable material
  • An energy-efficient carbon sink with a small carbon footprint
  • Durable and long-lasting
It promotes mental well-being by
  • Reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • Promoting restorative health effects
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Creating a warm, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere
Tight joints and seals in all structures
create energy efficient homes

Proven air tightness and energy efficiency

With 45 years of experience, Kontio offers you top quality housing. Kontio houses are manufactured in the world's largest log house factory, using the latest technology and the best know-how in the industry.

Our innovative log houses are a guarantee of top-quality, energy-efficiency and comfortable warmth. Our continuous product development ensures tight joints and seals in all our structures, creating energy efficient homes, which meet the strictest of today’s energy efficiency regulations.

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Kontio design

Bring your dream home to life with Kontio. By using logs as the material for your new home, you’ll bring a touch of luxury and a unique atmosphere to your everyday life – while living in harmony with nature. Kontio log houses can be adapted to different styles and tastes, and our solid wooden houses are healthy and durable enough to last for last generations.

Kontio log house designs and architecture are timeless. We offer both modern and classic designs of varying sizes in our extensive collection. Our approach to the implementation of each model is flexible, giving you a variety of options for modification and customization. Whatever your wishes, we can build it for you. We can even build unique homes and designs based on your own architectural plans. Or, alternatively, we have an international network of architects who can help you design your unique home based on your needs and wishes.

Extensive collection of modern designs

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Extensive collection of classic designs

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New architectural possibilities & benefits

We have an extensive range of logs and corner solutions, from which you are sure to find the right options for your house and environment. And our innovative Kontio SmartLog™ logs provide unlimited possibilities for individual design. They enable you to combine building materials, while retaining the beneficial properties of massive wood.

Kontio SmartLog™ LOGS PROVIDE

Kontio SmartLog™ is an innovative solution for massive wooden buildings. It offers:

  • Architecture with free design and style for massive wooden buildings
  • The Healthy Living™ benefits of Kontio Arctic Pine™ massive wood
  • A durable, long-lasting and ecological structure
  • Advanced engineering and prefabricated joints, details & technical solutions
  • Low-energy construction

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