A contemporary wood house in Épinal

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Location: France

Contemporary Kontio houses have simple, clean lines with large windows devoid of large decorative trim. These contemporary style homes usually have nearly flat, gabled or shed/mono-pitched roofs, asymmetrical shapes, and open floor plans echoing the architect-designed homes of the 1960s, and early '70s.

In this wooden house, the entry foyer opens right into the main room, where fixed and sliding glass doors bring in light and lead to the rear terrace. With views of the dining room and kitchen off to one side, the open layout keeps the whole family connected. The three bedrooms on the main floor include a beautiful master suite set off by itself. The second floor includes a child's room and an extra bedroom.

The interior features a mix of materials that change as you make your way up through the house. They graduate from stone to wood and transparent glass, giving views of the lush surrounding environment, which towers over the property. The wood framed windows have a wonderfully warm, natural look and they perfectly connect the natural world outside with the cosy inside.

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