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Project Ö -ett drömmigt fritidshus i timmer

Project Ö är ett nyligen avslutat fritidshusprojekt i utkanten av en nationalpark i den finska skärgården. Husdrömmen i den finska skärgården designades och realiserades av designparet Aleksi Hautamäki och Milla Selkimäki. De påbörjade projektet för cirka två år sedan då de köpte en helt egen ö där det sedan byggde ett  huvudhus med tillhörnade bastu  och en separat verkstad med ambition att var att skapa ett självförsörjande paradis.

The loggia has a kitchen where you can enjoy the open air while cooking.
The main building is divided into three parts. The sauna and bathroom are located in one end and in the middle lies the cosy patio equipped with an outdoors kitchen. The common areas, sleeping spaces and a small kitchen are located in the other end. Every space has a view into the surrounding nature. This is the perfect oasis for enjoying the nature and weather!
The colours of the interior design are an echo of the surrounding nature, which causes the line between outside and inside to blur.
For us, Project Ö was an interesting new enterprise, in which we definitely wanted to participate. Using Kontio’s structures and technical competences, we helped to make the fine architecture possible. The carefully considered details create the high-quality result, and immediately at the beginning of the designing, we saw that a lot of attention had been poured into the details. Timber is always a suitable choice for challenging conditions. In this project, the ecological timber merges wonderfully with the idea of self-sufficiency. Cooperation with Hautamäki was unreserved and pleasant.  – Olavi Kujanen
The skylights allow plenty of light to flood onto the sleeping loft.
The large windows in the sauna showcase the gorgeous view.
Even in the shower, you can enjoy a view of the sea.

The island is completely self-sufficient. The electricity is solar power from the island’s own solar panels and the drinking water is purified from seawater. The villa has running water and a normal toilet, heating and cooling and a modern kitchen. The sauna stove heats the service water and the same system works as the heat source of the underfloor heating. When you spend time here, you can truly feel like a part of the untouched nature. 

In time, the timber houses panelled with larch will grow grey and disappear into the surrounding view.

Resident: Aleksi is a spatial designer and the founder of Bond Creative Agency and his spouse Milla is a graphic designer.

Project Ö has been presented in many magazines and online publications that report on international architecture and interior design. Top-line architecture and ecological solutions blended with the stunning Finnish archipelago is a globally attractive combination.

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