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Econatur was inspired by the global trend of using rough wood.

The inspiration for Econatur™ is the global trend of using rough wood. Kontio Econatur ™ was born from our idea of ​​emphasizing the naturalness of wood. The exceptionally strong patterns create opportunities for new types of interior design and generate new ideas in architecture as well. The strong Northern tree can authentically and courageously be what it is.

The on-going global trend of using rough materials seems to have stabilized itself long-term beyond being about reduced wood surfaces only. We at Kontio create a style that passes the test of time and we want to bring our own Nordic touch to this trend.

Products from Granit.
Products from Balmuir.
The novelty launched at Fiskars’ summer summit 2018 of interior decorators is available initially for the logs of saunas and villas.

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