Designing and building a Kontio Holiday Home with Kontio experts is simple, we will guide you at every step of the way

A chalet or any other holiday home from the Kontio Collection is an ideal choice for those who are budget conscious, yet value quality, durability and healthy living. It’s also a carefree option, when you’re building in a remote location, far from your permanent residence.

Finding Your Perfect Solution From The Kontio Collection

Whether you spend your holiday time in ski resorts, on the coast, or in the mountains, you will find your perfect solution. We provide in the Kontio Collection a wide range of holiday homes, from Scandinavian luxury ski chalets to cosy summer cottages. The Kontio Holiday Home and Ski Chalet Collections are full of innovative and functional design. Large glass surfaces allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape in your holiday hideaway.

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The surrounding landscape, the location, your property and your family set the scene for finding your perfect fit. Think about how you would entertain your friends and family on a large terrace on a summer’s night by the sea, or how you would enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on a cosy couch by the fireplace, while admiring a wintery mountain view. Your favourite holiday time activities and the space they might require are also worth taking into consideration, when planning your perfect Kontio Holiday Home.

With the help of the architect of your choice or your local Kontio expert, all the cottages, chalets and holiday homes in the Kontio Collection can be modified to your individual style and space needs. They will also support you in choosing the right solution for your property and help you follow your local building regulations.

If you aren’t able to find the right design for you in the Kontio Collection, it is possible t create your own unique design.


When you have found your perfect design and made the necessary modifications, it’s time to focus on the more detailed solutions of the building project.



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